As designers we want to bring beauty to the world. Not only aesthetically but also socially and responsibly.
Our work field, the fashion and textile industry, is one of the most polluting and exploiting industries worldwide.

We want to actively contribute to a system that treats the planet and its inhabitants with respect and care. Our goal is to advocate for change by creating a more meaningful design process and to create awareness and motivate both industry and consumers to make conscious choices. 

Our experimental process of biodyeing with bacteria produces a biodegradable dye that uses little water and low dyeing temperatures,
without the use of any toxic chemicals or textile treatments.




designer: Laura Luchtman, Ilfa Siebenhaar

In our cymatics research we explored the possibilities of growing bacteria in patterns by exposing them to sound frequencies. The resonance of sound frequencies is known to create geometric patterns in matter. In solid matter these patterns are called Chladni figures and in liquid, they're named Faraday waves.

Together with sound engineer Eduard van Dommelen we set up a self-built sound installation in the lab and executed several experiments with different frequencies, bacteria and textiles. The results showed textiles that were dyed in an even and all-over way with higher saturation than textiles that weren't dyed using sound.



designer: Ilfa Siebenhaar

As part of her graduation at Willem de Kooning Academy, Ilfa developed a Live Dye Kit. The Live Dye Kit is a compact lab, which enables you to set up a sterile work environment anywhere. The DIY kit allows you to isolate pigment-producing bacteria from soil samples and to dye textiles with these bacteria.

By taking the Live Dye Kit to a personal setting, it will help develop a connection between nature, science and creativity. The Live Dye Kit shows the invisible world of microorganisms around us. It makes bio design accessible and triggers you to view the world from a different perspective.



designer: Laura Luchtman, Ilfa Siebenhaar

The Future of Living Materials is a collaboration between ArtEZ CoE Future Makers, Wageningen University & Research and designers. Taking part in this project allows us to work closely with scientists in order to answer important research questions we have.

In this collaboration we focus on aspects like studying the growth conditions and patterns of bacteria, pigment qualities, ways to expand the colour spectrum and scale and optimise the dyeing process.



designer: Laura Luchtman, Ilfa Siebenhaar

We have teamed up with global sports brand PUMA to explore more sustainable technologies and new aesthetics in textile dyeing. The results can be seen in the new “Design to Fade” presentation at (virtual) Milan Design Week 2020.

In 2016 we started Living Colour, a biodesign collaboration exploring a unique method to dye textiles with bacteria that produce pigments. In that same year PUMA began investing in biodesign, through which the company is presenting new ways to reduce the environmental impact of fashion and sportswear. Now Living Colour and PUMA have joined forces to present the very first bacterial dyed sportswear collection.



designer: Laura Luchtman

We teamed up with Biobased Creations for The Exploded View; a radical new look at the realisation of a home. The Exploded View - a ‘live research’ and ‘storytelling’ installation - showcases the endless, potential material streams available that are not yet used in the construction world. For example, material streams from food, textiles, sewage water, buildings, or even from our own living environment.

For the exhibition, Design by Nature at Museum De Fundatie Zwolle, we dyed a textile “shower curtain” for the scale model of the bathroom. The textile (organic cotton and ahimsa silk) is dyed with living bacteria.

BInc Biogenic Ink


designer: Laura Luchtman, Ilfa Siebenhaar

In 2021 we received a grant from the European Commission for participation in the ELIIT partnership project. The European light industries innovation and technology (ELIIT) project reinforces the innovativeness and competitiveness of the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries (TCLF) and related industries (new technologies, materials, e.g.)

Our project BInc, is a partnership between Living Colour and VTL GmbH - Vienna Textile Lab. The BInc partnership aims to create biogenic inks for textile printing, providing a competitive alternative to polluting coloured petrochemicals.

The ELIIT project is funded by COSME, the EU’s programme for the competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs.


Moving Colors


designer: Ilfa Siebenhaar

Moving Colors is a collaboration with SKUA Studio. This shoe collection brings together innovation, design and craft. With dye made from bacteria, the leather and heels of the shoes have been processed. Unlike many toxic dyes, this dye is much cleaner and less harmful to the environment. In addition, the bacteria dye adheres to almost any surface, making it well-suited for use within various design disciplines.

PUMA Running


designer: Laura Luchman, Ilfa Siebenhaar

Following our design collaboration with PUMA in 2020, we were asked to dye a running kit for Olympic athlete Molly Seidel. ⁠We dyed the kit by cultivating pigmented bacteria on the fabric, resulting in organic patterns that showcase the bacteria’s lifecycle. 100% natural, 100% unique!⁠

It was her first marathon start in a year and a half, after a challenging time with sports injuries and ongoing physical and mental struggles. So our kit had to wait until she recovered. But her return was absolute fire. In our kit she ran her Personal Best at the 2023 Chicago Marathon in October. Her time of 2:23:07 earned her a top-10 finish - and renewed confidence!⁠

A very special project, for a very special person.

PUMA based the 2023 Running collection on Living Colour, but only Molly has got the OG kit!