New Horizons

After a dynamic and adventurous collaboration spanning from 2016 to 2023, Living Colour is going solo! We remain committed to our shared enthusiasm for an eco-conscious and artistically nuanced approach to colour.

Let’s continue the colour movement!

Ilfa remains focused on further developing and researching bacterial colours and expanding the palette of the colour library. She continues her mission to create an impact within the fashion and dye industry and make bacterial pigments accessible to the industry and a wider audience. Her studio remains a laboratory for the cross-pollination of bacterial pigments, fashion, and the artistry of natural dyeing in a seamless fusion of fashion and science. For more insights and inquiries, visit

Laura will shift her focus towards her role as a colour specialist within textiles and surface design. She remains available for avant-garde and impactful commissioned designs, extending from interior projects and fabric collections to colourful statement pieces. Additionally, she will be assisting designers and brands in incorporating colour sustainably—more details on this initiative will be shared soon. For now, the bacterial experiments are put on hold on my side. Further information is available at

Laura & Ilfa