We’re going to London Design Festival! Living Colour is taking part in Colour Via: An explorative exhibition which showcases innovative approaches to colouring materials in a post-industrial world.

Colour Via

In an exciting collaboration between Surface Matter – a leading authority on material innovation and application –
and Colour of Saying – a London-based consultancy specialising in experiential colour and materials design – Colour Via opens up discussion around new opportunities and directions for sustainable design and will be a space to experience new colour processes as they emerge.

“Everything on display either limits waste or has a sensitive approach to colour production” explains Colour and Materials Designer and Trends Forecaster Laura Perryman, Founder of Colour of Saying and curator of Colour Via

The act of transferring colour in or on materials dramatically changes the appearance and value in so many ways but more often than not many have toxic waste implications. A new shift sees a breed of designers and manufacturers not just superfluously adding colour, but considering more innovative circular approaches and conscientious applications.

As part of the display, a variety objects, swatches and test samples will demonstrate colour in or on materials, that either limit waste in some way and or have a sensitive approach to production techniques, challenging current industrial colour mass manufacture methods.

The exhibition is built round 4 sub-themes:

  • Reductionism
  • Responsible Acts
  • Control & Coincidence
  • Embracing the Future

Living Colour is part of Embracing the Future, the final sub-theme. This theme presents the case for an holistic approach to colouration that integrates biology and technology. In a compelling model for sustainable materiality, Living Colour use live bacteria and cymatic (sound) frequencies to create colour without chemicals and with very little water. Visitors to Colour Via will be able to see and feel some our samples of coloured silks.


Surface Matter, 29 Westgate Street, London E8 3RL

Dates 15th – 22nd September 2018
Mon- Fri 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat-Sun 10am- 4pm
Late night opening 17th & 19th 6pm – 9pm

Panel Discussion

Monday 17th September, 7pm
Join Laura Perryman, Curator of Colour Via and Founder of Colour of Saying and designers from the show in a discussion of sustainable colour futures.


For more information about Colour Via and the participating designers and tickets for the panel discussion, visit the London Design Festival website.
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ColourVia Exhibition London Design Festival


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