We’re back at Munich Fabric Start! The international fabric tradefair in Munich, Germany. We are presenting our latest progress at the Keyhouse, the innovative hub for textile technologies.

New Colour

After many shades of purple and pink we are presenting a brand new colour: orange. We dyed several synthetic fabrics that are very suitable for active wear and intimate apparel. Especially since the pigment/dye has naturally antibacterial qualities.

Uniform Dyeing

A selection of lilac/purple and pink silk fabric samples show our progress in uniform dyeing. For the first time we are capable of dyeing larger pieces of fabric in an all-0ver and uniform way without colour differences or stains.

Growing Patterns by TU/e

In the same Sustainable Innovations section where we are presenting our textiles, a group of students from the Technical University in Eindhoven (TU/e) are showing their strides in the world of bacterial dyeing. Living Colour has been a great inspiration to their work and we were happy to have met with them and exchange knowledge. The students are using digital fabrication to create patterns on the fabric by using 3D printing with antibacterial filament, embroideries of antibacterial yarn and conductive threads. They also dyed pieces of fish leather provided by Nyvidd.

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4-6 September

Keyhouse | H5 | Stand 26 Sustainable Innovations


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